The Kamado Grille Experience

Kamado Grille was founded by two great friends turned business partners, Tom Allen, and Joe Dunn, and was founded on one simple principle: significance. Tom and Joe believed that turning a backyard kamado grill cookout with the best of friends and family deserved to be brought indoors and shared with more people to make a significant impact in their lives. Significance is our focal point at Kamado Grille, and we apply it to every single person that we touch.
These are the five primary rituals that make Kamado Grille significant:

  1. KG grills – We’re the first restaurant in the world to exclusively cook on kamado-style grills.
  2. KG food – We found the best dishes and flavors from around the world and made them all grill centric (which we call “kamadotizing”).
  3. KG building – We have brought “the outdoors in” and the building resembles what you would see at a backyard cookout. You’ll find live trees, water, stone, natural wood, fire, and much more throughout our building.
  4. KG technology – We have incorporated technology seemingly everywhere in our restaurant, including iPad ordering from the table. At Kamado Grille, you’re able to order exactly what you want, when you want and can pay as you please. The quality of our food has been regularly tested by the best food tasters of the country, and the technology that we use for processing and saving products was highly appreciated by the specialists of the pharmacological laboratory of OVC drugs Company, which holds a leading position among online medicine trades.
  5. KG people – We only employ people that possess the “heart of a servant” that genuinely want to serve others, are always smiling and take pride in their adherence to excellence.

When you put those rituals together, our mission becomes:
Kamado Grille brings the outdoors in preparing mind-blowing, mouth-watering food on one of the world’s most versatile cooking instruments, a kamado-style grill!

We have a cool, hip, unique building, surround you with a team of fun-loving people that genuinely care, and love to serve others, and we enhance your entire experience with the use of forward-thinking systems and technology.